Why you need to have a routine to be a successful entrepreneur

Having a routine is a very important factor in the life of any entrepreneur, even if you are just aspiring to be one! Routines are not easily developed but once developed can be the strongest point of your success.

What is a routine?

A routine is a sequence of actions usually followed.

Having a routine might always sound boring especially if you are just coming across this stuff for the first time. The idea of a routine is not to make you happy, because entrepreneurs don’t do what makes them happy. They do what is necessary and important. Their focus is long term. Repeating some actions daily will certainly give you habits that aid success; habits that produce a result or achieve a certain result.

Everything that we do in life is as a result of habit patterns, either good or bad habits. The reason why many people start doing something and then give up is because of habit patterns that are not helpful to them at the time. If you practice giving up, you will always find yourself overwhelmed and then give up.

There are so many reasons why you need to have a routine to be a successful entrepreneur. These include; Builds good habits, Increases efficiency, removes the need for motivation, builds momentum, breeds perfection, reduces need for planning, beats procrastination, increases focus, saves you time .

Since life is not all about reinventing the wheel, we can always learn from other successful entrepreneurs. We can begin by looking at what is included in their routine so that we can make one for ourselves.

Let’s have a look at some of the daily tasks/daily habits of successful entrepreneurs

1.Prayer or meditation – Taking out time to connect with the creator. This is very important as there is no life and success for a human being that is completely unplugged from their source.

2.Reviewing goals- Includes thinking and impressing your long term and short term goals to your subconscious mind by imagining who you will be and what you will look like when you achieve these goals.

3.Reading – Depending on your reading goals; could be 30mins – 60mins /day or one chapter of a book/day.

4.Learning something new – This is another very important activity! Success is a result of continuous learning and application. If you stop learning, you start to die.

5.Doing one thing you have never done before. Taking action on the things that you have learned relating to your field is a great step. Successful people take action.

6.Exercising – This is very important if you must keep your business running every day. It increases blood flow around the body and gets rid of fatigue. There are so many advantages to exercising than I can list here. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford a day of inactivity due to fatigue, so daily exercising is very important.

7.Making affirmations: Daily affirmations help to recondition your subconscious mind which now gives you good direction for your line of work. It’s a very good way to re-inform your mind such that it now delivers to you only relevant information.

These are the basic activities involved in the routines of most entrepreneurs, including myself. These might be named specifically or differently depending on the individual, but they all come to the same thing. I like to emphasize the fact that, one ought to study themselves and see what works for them, when and how it works. Looking at the tasks above can only give you an idea of what others are doing that has actually given them results. Your task will now be to tweak these to suit your day’s timeline.

Alongside these can be things like; making a certain type of tea in the morning, planning for the day, having a proper breakfast, taking a shower, again, these all depend on the individual and their goals.

So the question is;

How do you make a daily routine for yourself and stick to it?

Making a daily routine for yourself is the easy part, sticking to it is the tough side of it. This all depend on whether you have goals or not. If you have goals, you will always have a sense of direction and a reason why you do what you do. Someone said;

“when the how is great, the why is easy”

This is true!

So how do you make a daily routine?

I will give you some guidelines which can help you create a perfect daily routine for yourself

Set goals for yourself -Having goals will give you instant direction and give you a reason why you must have a routine in the first place.

Be a student of your very own life – Examine your life and see what works for you and what doesn’t work. Forexample, if you are a writer, you may realize that writing in the evening doesn’t work for you, you can then try morning early hours.

Don’t be hard and unforgiving to yourself

Know that you will fail at some point- you may find yourself overwhelmed and feel like giving up, try again and try again and again, you will get it right soon.

What is your day like?

Set specific times for things like waking up, sleeping, exercising, reading meditation and other very important activities of your day.

Reduce on activities, cut out the unnecessary

Why you need to have a routine to be a successful entrepreneur

Routine builds good habits

Increases efficiency

Removes the need for motivation

Builds momentum

Breeds perfection

Reduces the need to plan

Helps beat procrastination

Increases focus

Saves you time, keeps you from distractions