Why you must fight for Financial independence.

There is no complete freedom without financial freedom

-Tal Gur

What does Financial Independence mean to you? To some, it means making a lot of money and being free from employment. To others, it means being able to do what you what, whenever you want, without having to worry about money. Whatever it could mean to you, it’s very important that you plan your life such that you don’t keep in the rat-race.

I personally think that financial independence should come with the wisdom to manage resources. Otherwise, it would make no sense to have alot of money only to live recklessly and return to zero.

Ever heard of….

‘Dress up a pig, put him in a nice house. The day you release him, he will run back into his own mess.”

What i am trying to show you here is; it matters who you have become. It matters who is behind the success story, which is the process of becoming an entrepreneur. In this post i focus on the core reasons why you should fight for your financial independence

Your Employer doesn’t care about you.

The government doesn’t care about you.

You will be in a better position to help others.

Money gives you options.

Its essential for building healthy relationships.

You become the architect of your life.

It’s important to note that the government is not responsible for your financial success! No, not at all. Today governments are filled with selfish and corrupt figures that will do anything to get rid of most of the people who are dependent on them. This is very serious! Governments will always fight to keep most of the population middle-class income earners or low-income earners and this is because poor populations are very easy to govern. Now, I don’t know where you could be coming from but even the top governments of the world have such vices except that they are at low levels and are professionally carried out. The government feeding you with personal loans doesn’t mean that they are trying to help. This actually means they can now keep you in absolute poverty because you will be trying to pay back for the rest of your life
Thus said, you must fight for your financial freedom because no one is going to do it for you. You must begin to think like prepare for your financial future and that of your children. The good news is that it is possible to be successful in life, however, you must start today and now. One of the ways to remain financially dependent is relying on your job. I am not asking you to quit your job right now but if you really think of financial independence then you must start to think outside your job.