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8 Things to give up in order to be happy.

Things to give up in order to be happy

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If you want to be happy, there is a list of 8 things I list in this blog post…things that you must purpose to give up.


Now… don’t be angry with me yet! I am trying to make a point here. I know that when I say ‘Happiness is a choice’ some people will not like it, but hear me out, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE HAPPYYYY and yeahhhhh it’s possible. I will explain why and how very shortly.

Happiness has nothing to do with making money. Many go about the notion that “If I make enough money, I will be happy…” This is a lie! Happiness is a decision that you make regardless of how much money you have. It makes no sense to worry about your financial life because worrying cannot change anything at all. Setting goals and taking intended action towards financial freedom is the right way to go about changing your financial status.


I understand when there is just not enough to be happy about! When your entire environment is almost trying to pull you down…I definitely understand. But hey, did you know that you can begin to change things by just the way you think? If you make up your mind to look away from the negative circumstances then things will begin to change. By looking away I mean changing your focus. You simply determine what deserves your attention and what doesn’t. If you can change something then go ahead and make plans to change it rather than worrying about it. If you cannot change it, then, there is no need to worry at all…after all, nothing will change anyway.


Therefore…you have the responsibility to teach yourself. You have the responsibility to develop good habits, especially the ones you would like to keep. Being happy is one of those habits.

As human beings, everything we practice, we get good at. If you want to be a good runner, it takes practice. If you want to be good at selling, you are going to have to practice selling (if that makes sense). You will not get good at running without running…and in the same way you will not be happy if you don’t practice being happy.


  • Do the things that you love. These should be things that add value to you; otherwise it will become addition by subtraction.
  • Occasionally look at yourself in the mirror and say something beautiful to yourself. And… don’t forget to smile.
  • Make declarations of who you are or who you want to be. For example; you can say – ‘I am excellent and I know I will achieve (mention the goal)’. You can make alist of declarations that you say to yourself everyday.
  • Plan to help at least one person become happier. You can do this daily, weekly or whenever you choose to…better if more often or even daily. It will gladden your heart and light up your spirit. Remember; YOU WILL ATTRACT WHATEVER YOU GIVE MORE OF.
  • Avoid being selfish. By this I mean, stop looking at what’s happening to you. Be part of making other people’s lives better. If you become interested in giving other people’s lives more value, you will earn a fortune for the service you provide. If you only focus on what’s happening to you, you may never give your best.


Unhappiness stems from somewhere…most of the times it comes from fear. The fear that something might go wrong somewhere somehow. Fear comes from lack of adequate knowledge about a subject or how to deal with a situation. Fear usually comes in the negative thoughts that come through your mind.


Educating your mind is of great importance when it comes to our achievements in life. The mind has two parts to it; THE CONSCIOUS MIND and THE SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND. I will not go into too much details here but one thing you have to know is that the SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND drives your life. It’s the reason you do what you do, all because of the information you have been feeding it with.

Thus said; on the journey to finding happiness, Re-educate your mind on the right helpful information of any subject of your need. Listen to podcasts, read books and use the information that is helpful. Avoiding sad news and other destructive habits as we are going to see in detail below, could be of uttermost importance.

When you educate yourself, fear will many times flee, because it survives in the ‘dark place’; the place where there is no solution.


1. Complaining is a slow killer.

When you are complaining, you become a living, breathing, ‘crap magnet’ – T Harv Eker

Complaining will cripple your progress. It will darken your mind. Instead of complaining, take action and change the circumstances. If you cannot change what you are complaining about; then forget about it and focus on something else.

2. Avoid blaming others.

This is another core reason why many remain unhappy. When you blame others, you become irresponsible. Successful people take responsibility for whatever is happening. This is because they understand that they are in complete control of their lives. This means that when something bad happens, they look for a way to make it better next time. Blaming someone else for your failure will not make it better at all.

3. Give up being a critic.

Critics are failures from the onset. If you decide to be a critic, you have chosen to mind other people’s business, while you have a lot to do on your side. This will only end in frustration and then you will wonder why you are unhappy.

4. Quit making excuses.

Making excuses is like fooling yourself. Decide to be result oriented in all that you do. The results will be pleasing and will help you lead a happy life. People who always have an excuse always wonder where problems come from. Well, they could be from the errand that you didn’t complete, or that report that you didn’t submit.

Excuses demean you and deprive you of results.

5. Pleasing others is another one!

Living your life always trying to please others is a sure way that brings all the sadness to yourself. It’s like living a fake life. It’s like living only to discover later that you lived a lie. Always be straight forward and avoid doing things to make others happy. Ask yourself, Is what I am doing helping me? If it’s not, then; don’t do it.

6. Kick away un forgiveness.

Someone said “Un forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” If you don’t learn to let go from your heart, then you will always replay the bad memories which brings all the sadness.

7. Avoid negative talk.

Speaking negative attracts negative circumstances to you. It’s been proven many times that if you keep talking negatively, all around you will turn negative. Remember , you attract like minds.

8. Proving your-self right before others.

There is never need to prove your-self before anyone. Many of us want to always end up right about  every argument. You don’t have to win every argument. If you make your business ( I mean your life) your most immediate responsibility, you will have less time for other less important stuff. You will be happy.

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