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This is what you can expect from my Personal coaching services

My simple coaching process

First, we schedule a meeting; this can be anywhere between 30mins - 1hr. In this meeting, I will get to understand you and your specific requirements and targets.  I will then talk you through a possible plan plan to get you started on the winning path. This session is 100% Free!

I will at this stage present you with a plan which will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. This plan will also be broken down into sessions revealing to you roughly how long it might take to implement. Once this plan is accepted; we will move to stage 3

You will now be prompted to pay. You will have the opportunity to choose what tier of payment you would like to continue with and what is involved in each.

You will at this point be ready to start sessions which could be weekly depending on your specific choices and requirements. 

What makes me a credible coach.

I have risen from zero! This means that; whatever you might be facing as a challenge towards achieving what you would like to, I have been through it all.

I have worked through being undisciplined, ungrateful, laziness, anger and resentment, procrastination and all other bugs that could ever plague one’s chances of doing well for themselves and for others.

I know what it means to work and walk daily against the very same things you want. I also know the feeling of feeling helpless, the ugly feeling that you have no help except divinity.

I know what it means to wake up with no purpose and no plan for your life. I have been through it all, it is ugly and it sucks. 

Having risen from all the above plagues, I have mastered the art of human transformation and have successfully helped hundreds of others to come out vicorious because what I teach is from experience. I will not tell you to do what I cannot do, talkless of what I have not been  able to do in the past.

I have helped many see real change; in as little as 90days. Now that makes me areal coach, a teacher.

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Client Testimonials

Afew kind words from my clients

Get ready to discover the real you!

I started living when I was 23years old. The question is; What was I doing all the previous years? Simple answer is; I was asleep. I wasn’t awake to the miracle of life. Discovering yourself will be a major key that unlocks all the other doors like Finance, relationships and love. You have probably heard the saying “The major key to you is YOU” 

Waking you up from a long life sleep will take the work of a coach, and in this case, the right coach. One who will not ‘baby you’ or pamper you. One who will see where you say you want to be, look at where you are and appreciate the work involved in travelling the relevant distance.

I have worked with different people for such a long time and have more than enough relevant experience to help you achive the life that you would like. Book that call now and we will start a journey you will never forget.

I know what it means to be tired of trying

You have probably heard the saying ‘I have tried everything…’ It is pretty common, almost  everywhere you go. The good news is; you don’t have to try anything anymore. All you have to do is to start living out the life of your dreams. Now, I know its easier said than done, which is exactly what makes me relevant. The work of a coach (a good coach) is to help you work the talk.

I started over 6 businesess before I actually made one work.After winning at that one business, that is when i reased nothing was stopping me all this while apart from my very own self. I was standing in my own way to achivement and success for so many years. Fortunately, I got introduced to a good coach, who worked with me virtually to remind me that I was very smart and had no reason to trip myself anymore. This is your opportunity now; you may never see this page again (who knows!) so take action now, Book that call.

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