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Making the change from Job to Business

Making the change from job to business

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Ever thought of what it takes to make the change from job to business? I know the first question that will come to your mind is; What if the business doesn’t work? Almost every one that ever started a business has been faced with this same question at some point. You see, many times we start off on the wrong note with the wrong questions, the wrong thoughts going through our minds and eventually, the idea is suffocated.

I understand that there is a time when life seems uncertain and you don’t even know if quitting your job is the right thing to do in the first place. The fact that you even thought about it could mean there is a spark somewhere that triggered off the thought. You are most probably doing what you don’t want to do, or doing something you are tired of doing.

One amazing fact is that starting a business today has never been this easier. There are so many helpful tools all over the internet on how to start anything. You may not have to rely entirely on these resources but they can give you an idea of what it’s going to be like.

The truth…

It’s probably much harder for you to remain at your job than to start your own business! Think about it! Honestly, starting your own business is no sacrifice at all compaired to doing a job that you don’t like for the next 20yrs ( if you are not fired and if robots don’t take over  your work). The job is the real sacrifice here.

You will have to endure probably the next 20yrs of hard work, doing something that you don’t like to do and worst case scenario is being underpaid for it ( which is the case for many in employment). I believe no one can truly pay for your value if you decide to be creative. They will only give you a token probably of appreciation if you haven’t been a pain. Yes, 20yrs of very hard work! If you are less than 25yrs old you probably have more than 30yrs if you decide to take this route.

Starting your business will be hard work for the first 1-3yrs (depending on your niche) ; if you go up the right path, stay focused and disciplined. Notice the words “right path, stay focused and disciplined”. Yes, it’s not for junkies…its hard work, i mean very hard work, but the benefits are tremendous. Think about it, you will be able to live the life of your dreams, work according to your own terms, have time for family in future…you know all this stuff.

Here is where the problem is.

Many of us kinda want to start our own business but we never go out there to start doing something. We Kinda want to change but we don’t like the process.  If you really want to start your own business, the time to start is now.

It will definitely not be so easy, you will make mistakes and sometimes fail at some point but the failure here is not failure as long as you interprete it well. Think about it, the most successful people we have today have record-time number of failures. What made the difference is that they chose to learn from the failure and didn’t quit.

A good exampe is

Thomas A. Edison – inventer of the light bulb. He said; “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

You need the right information.

When you have an idea, including the idea of quitting your job to start your own business, chances are its a good idea and its actually possible. The problem here is the wrong voices that will induce the wrong thoughts, that will eventually bring fear, that now kills the idea or make it difficult.

If you are serious about quitting your job and have determined that its the right way for you to go, then choose who you listen to. It will benefit you if you listen to people that have actually started a business and are successful. You can also read books from successful entrepreneurs. Do you ever wonder why very successful entrepreneurs read alot of books? Reading books will help you learn what others did to get to where they are and the mistakes they made so you can avoid them.

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When is the right time to quit your job and start your business?

Making the change from job to business
When is the right time to quit your job?


This is another question that troubles alot of people looking to make the change from job to business. My answer is ‘THE RIGHT TIME’ doesn’t exist.  but the ‘TIME TO QUIT’ does. All conditions will never be perfect for you to quit. The stars will never align and all traffic lights will not go green for you to know its time. However, there is a ‘TIME TO QUIT’ and that time is NOW. The time ‘NOW’ will however never be right and may never be favourable, but if you keep negotiating and procrastinating, then you will never make the change.

Quitting your job is a process.

Making the change from job to business is a process that you can start. It may not happen in one go especially if you are in fear of losing your only source of income. Today you could consider starting an online business, something that you give about 4hrs after your job. The problem with most people is; the moment they hear the term online business, all they think about is being  scammed. Thats probably why you need to do your research… Technology has taken over the business scene. For example; You could reach thousands of people online in a matter of days of advertising. Roadside banners are not this effective, yet are very expensive.

Rather than being consumed with the fear of quitting your job at once, why not do it in steps? You see, entrepreneurs are smart people, they take calculated risks and this could be one of them! You can even reduce the number of hours you work and slowly devote time to your own business until the day you are confident enough to leave. Here is alist of online businesses you can start with just alittle bit of money.

What you should expect during your start-up.

I have written alist of important considerations to make when starting your first business. You can check out the list here.

Apart from the considerations you should make, what should you expect as a start-up? This is a question many people don’t ask when they are starting out. When many look at successful entrepreneurs, all they see is the ‘frontstage’. They see the finished work and look on in admiration. All would like to be like this man/woman they see on video or at alive talk show. They never see the ‘backstage’….the ugly place where the hardwork is done. The place of no sleep. Look, i woke up at 3:00am just to write this blog-post! Its nothing sexy, its hard work, it’s all ugly things you can call it but guess what, that’s who we are as entrepreneurs. We are not forced to wake up at 3:00am, we have come to find joy in doing this.

Question is: Do you want to be this man/woman in the ugly ‘backstage’? Okay, to help you simplify this question, i will put it this way, Do you want to be an entreprenueur? Only you can answer that question.

A list of what to expect as a start-up;

  • Expect to give up life after work. You will not have set hours of work anymore.
  • Be ready to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • You should expect to work for upto a year plus without payment.
  • Your social life will have to be put away.

Thinking of starting to make the change from job to business? Brief summary.

  • Don’t think too much, do some research but not for too long, you don’t need all the answers. The most important lessons will be learnt as you apply.
  • Copy people who are already doing what you want to do. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel unless you want to.
  • You don’t have to tell everyone what you are doing. Others don’t see the way you see, they will tell you it will not work.
  • Anything can make you money, there is no business blueprint. The world is waiting for your idea.
  • You don’t have to leave your job at once. You could start by reducing your hours of work so you can save some time to work on your idea.
  • One step at a time will take you there. ” Rome wasn’t built in a day”
  • You will make mistakes, yes, but its not the end of the world, you are not the first one. Stand up,  dust yourself and continue. When you make a mistake, jump into problem solving mode and not panic-mode.
  • If you are going to stay motivated, you must read and read alot. Otherwise, burn-out will wait for you on the other side.

Where to start?

  • Develop your idea and do good research.
  • Determine how much you need and plan a funding source. I recommend non-traditional funding sources for your first business. Ask friends and family to support you or save up for it. An online business shouldn’t cost you that much to start anyway. You can see the list of other Non-traditional sources of funding here.
  • I am sure every business needs a website to get started. I have put together a step by step guide on how to buid your own website. It’s easy to follow. You don’t have to make the mistakes i made when starting, you can rely on the list of recommended software i have detailed in the guide.

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