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Living in the now of life and enjoying every bit of everyday

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Living in the now is one of the keys to enjoying every bit of not just today, but every single day of your life. When God (the universe or whatever you call God in your words or language) made man, he created him out of Himself. According to the bible, “… God created mankind in his own image”. Which basically means God took out of him (part of him if you like) to make man. This means that man has unlimited abilities and a far greater potential than we have realized today. All this greatness and all these abilities are not outside man; they are inside and can only be realized if we fully draw from inside. One of the ways to draw from that power that lies within is using the ‘Power of now’ as Eckhart Tolle put it, similar to what this article is about; Living in the now.

Important notice:

If you find what we are sharing here rather weird and unusual… don’t worry, it’s normal. Your mind is a protective entity and will always fight things that are contrary to the way it already knows how to help you. It will naturally fight new information. I am saying this such that as you find yourself fighting within yourself, recognize it, notice the fight and speak patience to yourself. Most of the things we talk about here will not be understood by your brain. They will be understood through a deeper connection with yourself.

What does it mean to live in the now?

There may not be good enough definition to help us understand living in the now in one single statement. However, I have tried as much as possible to define it to put words together and define it.

Living in the now means to consciously centre all your awareness on the Now (meaning the reality of your being and what you are doing right now). It also means to be fully aware of the present moment and creating an intense connection with yourself, watching your breathing, your eating and all other things you may be doing, not in judgement but in appreciation. It involves recognizing that the past and the future are not real and that the Now is the only real moment you will ever have.

This is where the real problem has been…

After understanding that the past and the future are not real, you can now understand that most of humanity is living in a kind of illusion. Living in the past and the future almost all the time is one of the major causes of worry and suffering. Worrying about what the future is going to be like and not stopping at that, but regretting the past mistakes, bringing to remembrance the unforgiven past hurts and all these kind events. All these things keep us from making maximum use of what we can do in the now, because all we really have and will ever have is The Now, so, how about if we lived the now fully? The future will be guaranteed.

The greatest book I have read about living in the now is The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle. He goes deeper to explain what your mind is and how you can free yourself from it. He also talks about the way out of pain and how to move deeply into the now. If you really want to master this area of your life and begin to live fully, then I consider this a must read.

You can get it from Amazon here.


The Now is the way out of pain and suffering

When you live in the now, you realize that you have no past! This sounds strange but if you just receive it as it is, you will live an amazing life. Truthfully, most of these realities will never be understood by your brain, so, don’t even try to figure them out. There is a greater understanding that you will get when you open yourself up to receive them. This is easy and can start by merely accepting such realities as they are and telling your mind, “you don’t have to understand this right now but just accept it anyway…” When you read one of the accounts in the Bible, it says “…see, all things are passed away, and all things are new” That was God’s message to the people at the time, how wonderful it is to know.

Science has proved it!

Experiments have been conducted and have proved that within a period of 5-7yrs, a human being is a completely new person. According to Mindvalley,

“The atoms that make up the human body are constantly being exchanged within the universe. In fact, every day, billions of atoms (equivalent to the mass of your arm) are transferred between you and your surroundings. While most of these atoms are Carbon Dioxide and water, research shows that within 1 year, 98% of the atoms in your body will be replaced – and within 5 years, every single part of your body will be atomically re-born, completely exchanged with new atoms (with the exception of the Carbon atoms in tooth enamel). Hence, we become completely new people.”

If this is true with the body, then it is true for everything else. Man is constantly evolving and in the process of change, we ought to forget the past and focus on the now. The Now is a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and will allow us to search and reach deep within us to get answers to the problems and challenges of today.


You are complete; there is great wealth inside you.

When man was created, God made him from himself. Man has been given a far greater potential than the human brain can understand and can ever grasp. However, the Now is one way to fully reach into these potentials and draw from what’s already within. Being complete means that most of man’s worries and things we struggle with are easy to solve. For example; loneliness, the search for attention, the endless search for fulfillment are all things that can end with full realization of who we are and how rich we are.

The kind of wealth I am talking about includes joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment and so many others. Some people have put money at top of their list; however, having money minus any one of these things is utter misery. We have seen many who have thought money was all there is, and after running all their life to acquire all the money they could, they found that something deeper was still missing. What could this have been? Definitely a deeper sense of connectedness.

The story of the beggar

I have read an interesting account from the book the power of now, a story of how most of us have lived their lives.

The story is told of a beggar that had been seated on a box for over 30yrs. One day as a stranger passed by, the beggar asked the stranger for ‘some spare change’ as they always ask. The stranger told the beggar he had nothing to offer him at all, however, he asked him a question that changed his life. “What is that you are sitting on?” The beggar said it was an old box and that there was nothing inside. He continued to mention the fact that he had been seated on it for as long as he could remember. The stranger asked him to try and look inside the box and see what’s there. To his amazement, the box was full of gold. This story explains how we mostly live our lives. We live our lives like the begger, always looking for joy from others, peace and love, while we have large reserves from them inside.

Work Vs. living fully

When you start to live life fully, you will realize that Work is equal to suffering and that retirement is not necessary. You can live in the realm where you are merely living and have fully put yourself into what you do. When you are in this realm, work ceases to exist and it becomes living out your life. It becomes; you living out your purpose as God intended it to be. When you are fully living out your life, there absolutely no retirement and no such a thing as holiday. It definitely doesn’t mean you will ‘work’ all the time. It simply means you will be alive all the time and if you notice, while you live out your life fully, time ceases to exist, you can be with a company for 7yrs and it looks like you only started yesterday. This is the reason you ought to do something that you love to do. Money is not the problem because money is a unit of value just like a calorie is a unit of energy. This means the value that you put out is the value that you will attract back into your life in monetary terms. So all you have to do to get more money is to increase the value of your services.

For example;

This can be seen in areas like; where a doctor has to upgrade his/her education in order to get a better promotion at his employment.


Living in the now of life; How to enjoy every bit of everyday


  • Don’t dwell on past accomplishments

Past accomplishments are a good thing to look back to, however, as we have already seen, the past is not real. It’s not tangible! All you have is now! The Now is the most tangible thing that you have, it’s the beauty of life and it’s what you can use to create the great future that you look forward to. Some people dwell on past accomplishments for too long that it doesn’t allow them to innovate and create even more. You cannot change anything, good or bad from the past, but you can do something right now. You can put your life into everything you are doing right now, because the Now is all you have.

Past accomplishments are in the past and can actually be an enemy to today’s progress. We get a good example of what exactly happens when people win the lottery…70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt within five years according to statistics.

“So, what exactly happens” you may ask. On the large part, the answer is dwelling on past accomplishments. They feel fully accomplished and forget to make use of the present.


  • Know that; Tomorrow will take care of itself – there is no need to worry about anything

This has been so profoundly said in the bible. For those who read the bible, you have most probably come across this;

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Worry is unnecessary when you understand how living in the now. When you focus on The Now, time ceases to exist, and there is a feeling of strong connectedness. You discover that right now, all you have is this moment. This doesn’t mean you don’t attempt to solve the problems you may have! It only means you will have to accept them and be solution oriented rather than being lost on the sadness because sadness comes from regrets of what has already happened.

  • Your happiness is for the now and not in the future

You will notice that the future will never come, because according to your mind, the future and the past are the focus, because the mind likes to work with time. However, when you are in the now, enjoying yourself, time ceases. So, don’t postpone your happiness. Don’t wish you would be happy if something was the way you would have wanted it to be. You can practice this and make it your way of life. It all starts by being appreciative of what is in the now; the beauty of your body, nature outside and others around you. It may not come overnight, but with constant practice, it can surely solve loneliness and other similar problems.

  • Remember to remember who you are.

I got this from the movie, the secret and was shared by Michael Beckwith. All he was trying to say is plan to take some moments in your day where you remind yourself of who you truly are. You are bigger than you have probably found out, but as you continue to discover yourself, you will realize that you are an unlimited being. One with enough power to illuminate a city for a week as Bob Proctor put it. So you basically plan moments in your day when you stop your mind from all the mumbling and tell yourself you are unstoppable.

  • Don’t corrupt your destiny; you are creating even right now.

Through your thoughts going through your mind you are creating, but the question is; are you creating what you will be proud of? This is why living in the now is very important because you take off time to think and hold images in your mind – Images of your goals and dreams.

  • ‘Work’ today and now, put your whole self into it

Like we have mentioned today, work is equal to suffering. If you are going to spend the rest of your life working for money, then life is going to be really hard to get along. One sure way to harness the power of now is to enjoy what you are doing by powering your whole self into it. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you don’t love what you are doing already, then you can grow to love it. When you love what you do, it ceases to be work and becomes you just living out your life and your purpose.

  • Your happiness is not hinged on someone else

As we have seen in this post, your happiness is inside you and living in the now is one sure way to extract it. Once you begin to notice and appreciate others around you and all the different things in the now, you will begin to dig into deep inner joy that you cannot explain to no one. It cannot be stated in words to anyone. Others will notice and ask you why you are happy and all you will just say is “I am just happy and cannot explain why”

Many of us have hinged our happiness on our spouses and friends. What we don’t realise is that we are fully responsible for our own happiness. This is one of the many reasons for broken relationships today because every boby is expecting someone else to make them happy and when they don’t find that happiness, they feel lost and disappointed and miserable.

  • Forgive past hurts.

Forgiveness is one sure way to live in the now. When you live in the now, you learn to forget the past hurts. You learn to understand others rather than judge them for what they have done. This doesn’t mean you support their cruel actions, but it could mean that you fully understand their way of doing things and therefore are willing to make room in your hear to forgive them.

I hope this message spoke to your inner most being and that you are will begin to take advantage of the power of now. In the now, suffering ceases, pain disappears but not only that; joy, peace and love flourish.

You can use the book The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle to go deeper into living in the now.

Buy the book from amazon here.

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