How to sell without selling; 4 ways to potentially increase your sales.

Why should we talk about; how to sell without selling in the first place?

All sales in the 21st century are relationship driven. This means that people don’t buy the product because you brought it to them. People today buy the product because of how they feel about the person selling to them. Many times we have all bought things we didn’t even need to use immediately because the person at the shop was nice to us. Also, often times we have bought things simply because we feel the persons selling are quite genuine and that they are not really just about selling us a product. If you have felt this way, then, chances are, many people out there think like you!

We are all sales people; even if you don’t have a business!

This article is not just written to people with online businesses or any other types of businesses, whoever you are, wherever you are, you are a sales person! So the question is; what do people sell if they don’t have a business?

Whether you have a business or not, you are a sales person and you sell one of the following;

  • Your goals and dreams to your family
  • Your ideas to your colleagues and other people that you need approval from.
  • You sell yourself (your competence and value) to your boss when you get a job.
  • And many others…

Your success in life depends on how well you are able to sell and the better and faster you understand this, the easier life will become. The reason we have broken families and broken relationships is lack of the ability to sell well. Think about a man who would like the wife to buy their idea! If they are not good listeners in the first place, they most probably will not get an ear when they need it from the wife. This same principle applies in the business world as it does everywhere else. You must give some value before you receive attention in the first place!

Having said that; let’s look at some of the ways in which anyone can potentially increase their sales!

How to sell without selling

1. Be value driven

Give and give and give before you can expect back. Many people start online businesses expecting to receive attention without giving some form of value. To start earning from any type of online business, you must be value driven. You will need to forget about money in order to make money. This is because; if earning money is your main driver, you are going to become a pushy seller. IF people notice you are coming hard at them, they will run away instead.

2.Always position yourself as a professional

how to sell without selling
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

People naturally like to feel at ease with the person that is helping them achieve whatever it is they are looking for. If you position yourself as a professional, you will build trust easily and definitely be able to sell.

How to position yourself as a professional in your industry

  • Have a sleek website. (People always check you out before they come knocking at your door).
  • Leverage the testimonials you have! They can instill a sense of confidence in new clients. These always sell you without ever having to say a single word.
  • Always use professional photographs.

3.Listen to your prospects

Listening to your prospects will always put you a head of your competition. Many people are always trying to sell to others without ever listening to what they want. When you decide to put the requests of your clients into consideration, one client will always refer you to another because they feel that sense of belonging whilst they deal with you. Here, you are actually selling without investing into marketing at all.

4.Always offer free help to someone else.

Did you ever hear of ‘ THE GREATEST SHALL BE A SERVANT’? This is a phrase that is every where however, once well understood, anyone whether beginner or professional, could heap up a fortune for themselves. The secret is in being as much helpful as possible. You will then create a well marketed connection that you didn’t create with money at all. You will be able to create loyal followers simply by taking off just afew hours to be helpful.

5.Give the how to for free

Are you selling a product that acomplishes a certain task? Then, you can give the ‘how-to’ for free! If you are running an online business, this could be a blog with a series of articles and videos around your product. You can create a series of ‘how-to’ tutorials around the product you are selling because these are what your prospects will always be searching for. This is also one of the ways to position yourself as an authority in your industry. By doing this, you will create awareness and position yourself as the ‘go-to’ person in that field.

6.Give more to get more!

There is no such a thing as something for nothing! Always have something to give away for free. Someone said the most powerful word in marketing is the word FREE! Your free give aways are one way to remain attached to your clients in that special way. You will never always have sales that you didn’t pay a marketing dyme for! This could be a lead magnet if you are running an online business. Just like the universal principles of giving and recieving, any giving person will always recieve more!