How To Make Your First $100,000 (Going From $0 To Fortune)

Writing about money becomes so easy when you are actually ‘making the money’. I say ‘make the money’ because it’s probably something you are used to. The truth is money has to be earned. The google definition of earning is ‘obtain (money) in return for labour or services.’ This clearly means you will have to deserve the money! As simple as this may sound is the key to wealth and financial freedom.


So, how to make money? 


In this article, you will learn the things below


First things first: Believe (not what you think!)


Make no mistakes, I am not a minister trying to sell you the gospel of faith, even though I wish I was. The belief I am talking about is; believing that you can actually earn the money and that you deserve it. The thing is, if you don’t believe you can earn it and that you deserve it, then you will not make the right efforts to achieve it.


Your belief system is the most important key to unlocking wealth. When I first heard about ‘making money online’ or ‘owning a digital business’, I was full of so much disbelief that I thought everyone was a scam. I unconsciously dismissed every idea about earning the kind of money I wanted to earn without knowing it. I watched so many youtube videos about online business, affiliate marketing and so on, but took tiny or no action at all, because, deep down within me was the tiny dose of disbelief. Like the saying goes, ‘Give the devil a foot and he will take a mile’. I had no idea what was going on, the tiny disbelief took away many years from me.


One day, after a long time of self-inflicted suffering, I came to a point where I was tired and done of living on a few hundred dollars every month, I now decided to actually open up and just believe. I turned on that little invisible switch. The result was; a whole new world opened up to me. I went on to take calculated risks, started buying and selling items and thereby discovered I could do more than just buying and selling, I could actually ‘make real money’.

How to make money

Use the internet; Pick up Ideas; Act on them


Did you know that the internet has soooo much information, about almost anything you can ask. You can type the phrase ‘How to make your first $100,000’ or “How to make money ’ in google search or any other search engine, and you will surely get answers. A Lot of content has been created about almost anything. You can use Youtube to watch step by step tutorials on how to do almost anything, including ‘How to make your first $100,000’. This tells you ideas and information are not the problem.


So what is the real problem?


The real problem is ‘Lack of action’. You can argue this and say well, ‘so many businesses start up every year and 90% of them fail’ and you will be right! This is the exact reason I started with believing. Having faith in your idea and in yourself means you will not give up just like that. If they failed, It doesn’t have to be you! The surprising thing is; people that come up with all the failure statistics don’t come up with reasons why those people failed. Why? I can say part of the answer is, It’s a personal problem. The problem is ; who started the business in the first place?

Start small, build your money faith muscle


Start small, build your money faith muscle


Let’s say you are looking to make $100,000, depending on what your level is. If you have never made this much before, you are going to find it very difficult to believe and therefore to take action. This doesn’t mean you throw away the $100,000 goal. No, don’t throw the idea out of the window. Just break it down over a good period of time so that you can start from as little as earning $100/week or per day, depending on your timelines.


See! That now comes down to the level where you can start. Building income is like building your action muscle, the more you go to the action gym, the more this muscle will grow. First, It may not start off by paying in monetary terms, don’t worry, experience is part of the game. Your experience is priceless! It helps you to know what to do and what not to do the next time.


Think Investment; think long term


Some passive income ideas to start you off (Working your way to $100,000)