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How to let go of things that didn’t make us happy

Often times in our lives we get bothered by ‘THINGS’. We get overwhelmed and spend a whole lot of time fighting every time, fighting endless battles within ourselves. What we never realize is that if we keep fighting, then we will fight for eternity because life is just that way, it’s full of these things that we fight. Life has challenges, problems which are of course challenges and problems because we have actually labelled them so. Our minds have identified these as problems and we have immensely identified with it. How about if we just let go of the fight and accept life as an awesome and wholesome journey with these processes that always come and go. Each one of us, ever since we were children, can identify these events that troubled us at some point, however, we also need to note that they are not here anymore! Funny enough, after each of these events, there came another event and another and another up till today, these events are still coming. How about if we just understand the fact that they will go anyway! Maybe that would reduce the attention we give to these things.


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About This Podcast

King Mighty's Happy Podcast is hosted by Nicholas Mighty. This Podcast is about Happiness and how you can afford it (because you can).
Alot of things will be thrown at you in life...How can you condition your environment such that life becomes an amazing adventure? ...because it is meant to be!

"We learn stuff in school but we don't learn the most important stuff that applies to life; like being happy!"

This is the reason i took matters into my own hands, to teach happiness. Over the years i have found out that; life is not that complicated. If you can define what you want, then nothing can stand between you and your dream. 

In this podcast you will learn

  • What makes people unhappy and unfulfilled
  • How you can live happy every single day of your life
  • How to create new habits and guarantee your future
  • … and everything else about happiness.

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