Finding Yourself, The Secret to True and Lasting Riches

Finding yourself, the secret to true and lasting riches

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘finding yourself’? The fact that you found this article means you thought about the idea of finding yourself before. We all know about the law of attraction! We attract things to us through the thoughts we harbor.

In this short article, I talk about; how finding yourself is the secret to true riches. I have also added some ideas on ‘finding yourself’. I hope at the end of this read, you will have started a very important journey. One that will be the most rewarding in your life. A journey that comes with true riches.

Riches are not in things!

Riches are not just physical or material. They are the things that make life vibrant, fulfilled and happy. Most of us have to define what riches mean to us individually because we are all different. However; some things are still common to us all; good health, money, great relationships and spiritual development, these seem to be non-negotiables. These are some of the things that drive life.

If riches are not found in material things, then where are they? Excellent question! They are found inside you. I know this sounds difficult to understand. Many times you have probably heard of statements like ‘Live life from inside out’, that’s exactly what this means. Life itself is not life unless it’s lived from the inside out.

The above explanation can also mean the quality of what comes out of you, is the true measure of value. What comes out of you can be many things; words, thoughts and ideas, actions and so on. All these determine what you essentially receive back from the universe, simply put, it’s the Law of attraction. Now you can probably see how the equation comes together; Riches are inside you!

Riches are inside you

If riches are inside you, then how about you look inside?

Finding yourself means you could have been lost. It’s a gigantic world with so much going on, losing yourself is not so difficult, but many times you will find that you end up following other people’s lifestyles rather than using them as an example (two different things), comparing yourself to others and never really giving yourself the chance to emerge. That’s how easy the process of ‘losing yourself’ can be.

To understand how much one can go off the road, just sit down and ask yourself the questions below.

  • How many times have you actually looked in the mirror and taken note of the beautiful smile you have?
  • When did you last stop all the activity to sit down and listen to your own thoughts and probably make notes?
  • When did you last notice the nature of your feet and what to appreciate or what might require improvement?

These questions could give you an idea of what it means to ignore yourself while in the process of chasing what we might consider a success, for sure, that chase never ends until you come back to self. This is a journey towards self-discovery.  Finding yourself will help you put an end to this wild goose chase, which actually never ends.

Chasing the wind? You will not catch it. Look for what you are holding in your hand and you will never find it

Chasing a life outside yourself is like chasing the wind, you will never catch it. At every twist and turn, it seems to be close and always looks like you are just about to catch it. The process goes on and on and on.

A friend narrated an interesting story of how she one day woke up in a hurry to go to school. In this example, Let’s call my friend Nancy. Nancy was the administrative assistant at the time and had always wanted to arrive earlier than the rest of the school staff. One day, before she left the house, she received a phone call from a friend and she thought, well, “Now that I am just about to leave the house, I might as well take this phone call. I can talk while I make my way to the school.” She took the phone call and started chatting with her friend while she gathered everything she needed for the day.

On her way out of the house, Nancy remembered she had forgotten to check if she had put her phone in the bag. She then went back into the house and started turning tables and everything she could, in search of her phone. Nancy’s friend had been talking to her all this while and was soon concerned by the noise she heard in the background. She soon asked Nancy what she was looking for and Nancy replied in anguish, “I am looking for my phone”. Nancy’s friend quickly reminded her that she was actually speaking to her over the phone and that she was probably holding it. Nancy felt a lot sorry for herself, having wasted 15mins of her precious morning time, searching for this item that she was already holding in her hand.

Nancy’s story is a perfect example of what could happen when we look for what we already have, we will never find it. In writing this article, I hope it will become that reminder, like Nancy’s friend, that you are holding what you are looking for.

There is no need for the wild goose chase anymore. The only way to put an end to this chase is to concentrate on finding yourself. This might not be as easy as it sounds but is surely a journey you can embark on. Knowing about yourself every step of the way will keep revealing so much beauty and so much glory that you will want to know more about the kind of person living inside the body you carry around.