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The longest journey anyone has ever made begun with a single step. The same applies to the greatest achievers we have today in business, they started with one step, it may not have been unique or may not have been with golden shoes walking in the heavens. It was probably without shoes, walking in the jungle! I am baiscally trying to describe the conditions of the first step they could have taken.

You see, many of us think that you need to have everything sorted out and have all the answers before you can start a business. That’s the greatest lie ever! And I want to debunk it today. You do not need all the answers in order to start a business. You don’t need all the money. True entrepreneurship is identifying a problem and innovatively finding a solution.

It doesn’t always have to be easy to start…

Taking the first step may never be easy, it may not be in the most pleasant circumstances but if you never take that step, you will never embark on the journey, talk less of finishing. There may be good enough fears and reasons why you should wait but one thing is sure, at the end of it all, you will not have travelled, and you will not magically appear at your destination.

The time to start anything is NOW. Make no mistakes about this, it may not be the best time for you, but if you are looking for that perfect time, it will not come. If you are waiting for all traffic light to go green, they may never do. The stars may never align together for you to get a sign to move on. Entrepreneurs create the circumstances they want. They donot wait for the circumstances to create something for them rather.

I have heard afew people talking saying “Let’s see what this year brings for us…”. I think this kind of thinking is terrible. The year will never bring you anything! You are the one to bring something to the year.

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Begin with the end in mind.

Many times shiny objects will come along your path of success as an entrepreneur. So many things that may lure you into going off track, taking a seemingly better path. Some of the distractions may even be the success you acquire along the way. For example, if you made a million dollars today, would you celebrate and then later embark on the project to completion, or you would count it done? This is where many get lost, they allow their own success to hinder their progress.

If you never reach the end, you will not have travelled,  and that’s just simply it. It doesn’t ,matter how much money you will have made, if you don’t create that final product, you will not have created a system that could probably bring in the revenue as passive income in future.

That’s why its important to start with the end in mind. The failure should not stop you, learn from them and continue. The success should not stop you either, celebrate and keep going.

Keep the focus.

Parties, food, phone calls, emails….. so many things thrown at you every single day. So much to take for the day. SO HOW THE HECK DO YOU KEEP FOCUSED?

Here is the thing, you have to make your business or project a priority. Your task is to help your brain recognise this as the most relevant task you have. For example, you can be in a noisy place, everyone is talking, but your brain doesn’t register all these, however, if someone called your name, your brain will quickly tell you this is relevant, and you will begin to look for the person that called your name.

In the same way, we can help our brain to register what is most important to us as relevant. one of the ways is to create dream boards. You can write down your goals and plans for the year and put them in a nice design. You could put these around your room, have them as wall paper on your phone and computer. This will help you to avoid the distractions.


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