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Business Coaching

You want to be as successful as you can be in your own agency. That means making the most of your opportunities, avoiding mistakes and using the best practises and systems possible.

Here’s where you can get specific advice, support and access to the knowledge you will need to make you agency super successful, first time. All this on a personalised basis, subject to your goals and your timeframe.

What makes me an expert in business coaching.

I am the Co-founder of Billionaire Surge where real designs and brands are brought to life.

I also own Knitspice, a company dealing in spices and healthy eating. Additionally, I own a weight loss company Forever super-slim that has helped many lose weight and stay healthy.

Putting my success aside, I have managed to coach over 1000 students that have built successful brands that earn them stable financial freedoms.

I host the two famous Podcasts; King Mighty’s Passive Income Podcast and King Mighty’s Happy Podcast which have helped many listeners find their purpose, and maintain a laser-focused and laser-targeted life which is a key pre-requisite for success.

What to expect

What business coaching will help you achieve.


How to analyse your business and identify improvements to double your profits quicker than you ever thought possible.


How to market your products or services based on the value that you bring to your customers, not on the price that you charge and also how to identify and market to your best prospects.


We will discuss the value to be obtained from being part of a business advisory group of like-minded business owners who meet once a month to share wisdom and insights to grow their respective businesses.


We will discuss the true secret to success and a very simple system to help you to be the very best of version of yourself that you can be, every single day, in Life, in Health and in Business.

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