My simple coaching process

First, we schedule a meeting; this can be anywhere between 30mins - 1hr. In this meeting, I will get to understand you or your business and then develop a sample plan which could get you started on the winning path.

I will at this stage present you with a plan which will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Once this plan is accepted; we will move to stage 3

You will now be prompted to pay. You will have the opportunity to choose what tier of payment you would like to continue with and what is involved in each.

Talk to me about you or your business

Life Coaching

We are here to help you discover and achieve your real purpose in life. We will support you so you can make improvements and move out of the ‘stuck zone’.

We will focus on plans and strategies to help you clear your mind.

This is where you will find all the help you need in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Business Coaching

You want to be as successful as you can be in your own agency. That means making the most of your opportunities, avoiding mistakes and using the best practices and systems possible.

Here’s where you can get specific advice, support and access to the knowledge you will need to make your agency super successful, the first time. All this on a personalised basis, subject to your goals and your timeframe.

What makes me a credible coach.

I am the Founder of Billionaire Surge where real designs and brands are brought to life.

I also own Knitspice, a company dealing in spices and healthy eating.

 Additionally, I own a weight loss company Forever super-slim that has helped many lose weight and stay healthy.

Putting my success aside, I have managed to coach over 50 students that have built successful brands that earn them stable financial freedom.

What to expect from my coaching services

My personal and business coaching services will help you achieve much more than what is listed below.

Personal Coaching

1 on 1 Support

Guidance and support to help clear your mind so you can move forward and live a more meaningful life.

Business Coaching

Understanding your message and branding

Understand your business branding and its importance. Moreover, identify strategies that are essential to create a lasting impression to your customers and clients.

Problem analysis

Identify the root cause of what's holding you back to achieve your fullest potential porfessionally and personally.

Strategy development and deployment

How to market your products or services based on the value that you bring to your customers, not on the price that you charge. How to identify and market to your best prospects.

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