Behind the scenes of broke and poverty

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of broke individuals? While writing this article, the

Initial title was: BEHIND THE SCENES OF POVERTY. Poverty here sounds like a strong word, after all, it has been associated  with third world countries, where inhabitants can hardly afford a dollar for one day. So this article would have seemed irrelevant to most people in our modern society today who have coated the word Poverty. They have dressed it in different terms like Broke, which I thought to borrow for the purpose of passing on a message, which i think everyone should read so that they are not found on the wrong side of life yet requesting for good life such as having enough money.

Let’s first of all look at the dictionary definitions of poverty and broke, so we can establish the relationship between them.

Definition of broke: having completely run out of money.

Definition of poverty: the state of being extremely poor.

Poor Definition: lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

Poverty (Wikipedia Definition) is the scarcity or the lack of a certain (variant) amount of material possessions or money.

A careful look at these definitions tells you that one was derived from the other. Many have associated being broke to a temporary lack of money, but its all the same, it’s all lack.

It will surprise you! Poverty mighty be the enemy you might have been living with for quite sometime!

The reason for this article:

In writing this article, I do not seek to annoy or speak in arrogance ( as some might find the talk about poverty rather rude especially if they suffer the symptoms). I rather seek to bring to light, the reasons why poverty might be the case or even why ‘broke’ keeps being repetitive.

Even though broke is considered a temporary state, it keeps re-occurring many times which means that the underlying causes have either not been tackled or have rather not been discovered at all. In this article I have stated some of the causes; stuff that goes on behind the scenes of broke.

Some of the causes of broke and poverty as stated later in this article include; indecisiveness, poor accountability, fear, excuses, worry, lack of clarity, envy for the rich, low self esteem. These have been expounded below.

The brief Hidden Process

Nothing succeeds like success! This proverb is very clear. If you are successful today, you can be successful again and again and again. This is because a momentum is created in the subconscious mind, which breeds more and more success.. The reverse is also true, this same momentum can be created on the broke side, where the individual keeps getting back to the same mess. Again, it’s all because of conditioning, the subconscious mind has been conditioned to follow the same path over and over again. This is precisely the reason why the underlying causes of broke go un tackled – primarily because they are embedded in habits that condition “the man” that we do not see; the Subconscious mind. This statement is worth reading careful, reading to understand it in all its entirety, because it is the root cause of the lives that we all live; Successful or unsuccessful.

The Subconscious Mind

It’s worth noting that the Subconscious mind is “the man” that runs your life as an individual. “This invisible Man” however, relies on information that we have given him knowingly or unknowingly. Funny thing is, even when we don’t deliberately give him data, he will randomly pick it up from daily exposure. The good news is; we can deliberately give this man information to work with, the kind that we would want him to process. This information is delivered to the Subconscious mind through repeated action/instruction to the conscious mind. This is majorly done in form of thoughts and other information that we listen to on daily basis. It’s also worth noting that every  actions you repeat will form a habit that will be very difficult to get rid of. For example; if we keep feeding him with thoughts of love and kindness; we in turn become loving and kind people. Conversely; thoughts of hate and unkindness will make us very hateful and unkind to others. The same goes on for thoughts of worry, sadness,

From the above brief explanation;

You can notice that the true underlying causes of broke are never going to be solved unless the root cause is tackled. Any plant that you poison from the root cannot grow. However, no matter how many branches you prune and trim, the plant will grow regardless. This is clear confirmation that any attempt to help relieve the consequences of being broke will always come to naught if the root causes are not addressed.

This kind of post may sound “not so interesting” to read, especially if you seem to have worked so hard, but still end the month with no money. The truth is, you can get an increment in your paycheck without changes to your lifestyle, however, you may still get back to the same gutter;  broke.

So…the next time you see a problem, trace it to it’s root cause; the bearer might have created it! And 99.9% of the time they have done so.

Having said all this, let’s journey to;

Behind the scenes of broke and poverty.

behind the scenes of broke
Picture of a man praying

Its worth noting that the negative attributes below MAY not singly be sufficient to cause “broke” , however, it’s usually a combination of them that cause this unwanted disease.


I think this is top of the list of what goes on behind the scenes of broke. No successful person is indecisive. Also, no unsuccessful person is decisive. Usually, whilst many dream of starting a side business in order to aid their ailing financial life, a whole bunch of them never really take that first step. They keep wishing and talking about the business they would like to start, but they never take the initiative.

It has been said that ; “You cannot have the future that you don’t dream and walk towards.”

2.Poor or no accountability at all.

This is the giant of them all. Have you ever ended the month and you have no money, and that’s not just as bad, you don’t even know where it all went. It surely didn’t get legs! It was spent somehow somewhere. The biggest problem with a lack of accountability is that; you cannot make changes to the way you spend your money simply because you don’t know how. I for one have suffered this kind. It’s when I started to trace how I spent my money that I realised I was wasting almost up to 30% of my income. I also started managing my credit better, just by being more accountable.


This may, like the others not singly cause broke, but if well blended with anyone of the others, may cause; not only dramatic, but fatal levels of lack. Forexample ; one may be haunted by the fear of negative outcomes if they left their comfort zone and went into something else. The fear of failure is the major reason many dreams are never realized. It has not only destroyed and suffocated dreams, but also kept the same individuals in a vicious circle. The famous “rat race” is a good example of this kind of vicious circle, where the individual is tired of living paycheck after paycheck, but is also afraid of making the change.

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This is another of the major causes of poverty. The fascinating thing is that most of the excuses that many have for not making changes to their finances are actually genuine, but that’s why they are excuses! They will not produce any results. It is said that

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

Making excuses is one hell of a bad habit we have to get rid of as fast as possible. It always breeds the habit of making others responsible for making our condition worse. If there is anything you have to fix yourself, head of the list is you financial state. No one may fix this for you, atleast not permanently.


This one is a slow inside killer. Many people instead of making changes to their finances instead worry about whether they will have enough money in the future. One of the greatest laws in the universe is the law of attraction. In this case, most of the things you worry about will actually come true. This is because worry is a negative thought…the fact that it’s a thought means that its has constructive and destructive potentials. Your mind  will construct whatever thoughts you ponder on the most. This a clear unseen reason why ‘broke’ re-occurs!

6.Lack of clarity

This is the chief reason for the untold suffering in the world, not leaving behind broke as one of the major sufferings. It is said that;

If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.

Most people are not clear about what it is they want. When it comes to money, they don’t know how much money they want! Most people usually have a vague figure in mind which is not the way things ought to be done.

Being clear about how much money you want is the starting point to designing the strategy to get to that amount of money. ” No ship leaves a harbor without a destination and gets to its destination, because it doesn’t have one.”

Its okay to have money as one of your goals. Goals are clearly written down, given regular thought each and everyday.

7.Envy for the rich.

Envy is one sure way to deny yourself riches! You cannot attract what you resent. If you don’t like rich people, chances are very, very, very high, you may never get rich yourself. Envy is similar to unforgiveness! The person you envy is usually not affected. The first person affected is yourself.

Someone said;

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.

This is the same for envy! You cannot escape ‘broke’ if you don’t embrace others who have the riches.

8.Low self esteem.

This is a slow inside killer. It prevents one from stepping up to challenge their financial situation. They keep depending on their employer because they do not feel good enough to own a business of make any other necessary changes to their finances.

How to tackle the causes of broke.

I may not give you a single dose or prescription to tackle the symptoms that breed ‘broke’. The dose is usually a number of things you can do to reprogram your mind for success. If this is the first time you are hearing about mind-reprogramming, you may be in doubt of this process. However, if you take a careful study for the next few days, taking a look at successful and outstanding people in any field, you will notice that they have a way of thinking that common.

Make no mistakes,

This kind of thinking wasn’t acquired in a single day, they took steps towards their desired life and slowly but steadily made permanent changes to their lives.

As you reprogram your mind for success, fear, low self esteem and worry will fly out of the window! You will now need to begin working towards achieving your financial goals for which I have a system that can help you to achieve them faster than you ever thought. Actually this system is an all in one that will help with re-programming as well as starting your own online business. It’s an opportunity worth checking out. Click here to get immediate access.