“You can become anyone and you can do anything you want to do...if you believe”

About King Mighty

I will bring you to the next level of your business.

To achieve true freedom, you must be financially free. To be financially free, you must embrace the principles that govern money. These are the very same principles that others have used and made a fortune.

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About me

Who is Nicholas Mighty

Part of my entrepreneurial journey was inspired because I came from a not-so-well-to-do family. My dream was to make a difference in the lives of those that are helpless starting with my own family.
I am a young entrepreneur, life coach and writer. I started my journey from ‘scratch’ like many may refer to today, with almost nothing but thoughts and dreams. I went into many ventures as a child, looking to discover more from life than just survival. I started over 5 businesses which gave me a very good foundation and great experiences to continue growing into who I am today.
I have since started and own 4 companies (Knitspice – a spice fulfilment company, Forever Super Slim, Billionaire Surge, Kingsneat ltd, and 2 non-profit companies (My Africa My Responsibility and King Mighty’s Child Foundation) which have accumulated great success in record time.
I have always been a ‘tornado of activity’, a force of relentless motion. I have inspired and transformed many lives including friends and family, helping them become exactly who they wanted to be.
I have always been a believer (not in a religious sense) but in a ‘nothing is impossible sense’. I accord all my successes and victories to the Lord Jesus Christ; whose words have lived, built me and made me who I am.
My goal is to help you become whatever your dream is. I will help you achieve it because I believe you can.  I believe you can achieve it because you can. And my purpose is to show you how.
One of my greatest goals is to produce 1 Million success stories in the next 3 years and that could include yourself if you start here.

My favourite quote

There is no better way to teach than to become the lesson.

My Philosophy

You can become anyone and you can do anything you want to do...if you believe