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KMHP 1: All about King Mighty’s Happy Podcast

About King Mighty’s Happy Podcast

King Mighty’s Happy Podcast is about Happiness. What it takes to be happy. In other words, when you listen to this podcast, you should with time achieve this goal (being happy) – if it’s one of your goals. I think it’s okay to set happiness as one of your goals because you cannot reach a goal that you do not have. Which means you cannot become happy if you purposely don’t work towards it!

What about the steps towards Happiness?

Of course within this podcast we will talk about the steps that you will take  towards happiness; Small, bite-sized steps that you can take in small increments. Steady, steady, steady, you will get to happiness-as a destination. And by then , it will be a habit, you will be able to live there, for the rest of your life, as long as you want to.

A lot of things that weigh us down and make us unhappy are actually not worth it. So after a few experiences; watching others and my very own life(I was the first specimen), I decided to start this podcast; so I can speak to those who need to hear these kind of words , and we all do…businessman, teacher, student, handyman…we all need this stuff. You can play this stuff as you work or as you drive; it will change your life!

So how is this Podcast going help you?

Your environment is one of the key contributors to the quality of life that you live as a human being! This podcast will bring you the right atmosphere, a calm and cool atmosphere, where you will learn and be built up, to live a joyful life.

Many times, if you are around sad people, chances are high, you will become sad because of association. As you listen to this podcast every so often, you will begin to attract the happy spirit around you.

What will you have to do to get the best out of it?

Play it often. In the car, at home with the family…again and again, if you haven’t subscribed, head over to and you will be able to enter your email address, so you get notified whenever an episode is out

What about happiness?

The challenges and hardships will never end! We live in a negative world, so unless you purposely decide to make changes to your life such as; learning to be happy, exercising, learning something new everyday, in any field…you may never have or build the life that you want.

In this podcast, it’s all about happiness! Without being happy, all the hard work and all the dreams and goals come to nothing. There is no fulfilment and life is only a hectic adventure.

Common Traits!

Think about it; we live in a world where many live day to day to pleasing others, doing everything because of fear of what others might say, doing everything for the wrong reasons! This way, we can never be happy! Life will only be but a long and very hard journey. Have you ever thought about how many people grow all of their lives without having lived at all? It sounds rather strange but true! Because someone is walking doesn’t mean they are alive! I have been reading a book ‘Wake up and leave’ by Dorothea Brande, the title speaks volumes, even without much explanation. Learning to be happy is one of the steps to waking up and living the life you were made to enjoy.

Can I be happy everyday?

Emphatically Yes!

I have written an article titled; A list of things to give up to be happy. These are the most common reasons that deprive many of happiness. If you take care of these, Happiness you will be easy to achieve.

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About This Podcast

King Mighty's Happy Podcast is hosted by Nicholas Mighty. This Podcast is about Happiness and how you can afford it (because you can).
Alot of things will be thrown at you in life...How can you condition your environment such that life becomes an amazing adventure? ...because it is meant to be!

"We learn stuff in school but we don't learn the most important stuff that applies to life; like being happy!"

This is the reason i took matters into my own hands, to teach happiness. Over the years i have found out that; life is not that complicated. If you can define what you want, then nothing can stand between you and your dream. 

In this podcast you will learn

  • What makes people unhappy and unfulfilled
  • How you can live happy every single day of your life
  • How to create new habits and guarantee your future
  • … and everything else about happiness.

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