About me

 My Name is Nicholas Mighty Bakka. I am a successful young entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, writer and speaker.

My goal is to help you find financial freedom faster and also help you discover the beautiful life that can possibly be yours IF you rise up to start making the necessary changes.

 Many years ago, I envisioned a world with less poverty and more happy people. I then decided to contribute to the world and bring my dream to birth...

but at that time I was like many, living day to day with fear and uncertainty of what the future held for me...  

Guess what?

I found out that the future didn't hold anything for me, and that i actually held everything within me.

As soon as i stepped out to start reaching for my dreams, a whole great life started unfolding before me. I started to see clearer and clearer each and every day...


Today, I am the Co-founder of Billionaire Surge Media, where real designs are brought to life. 

I host the two famous Podcasts; King Mighty's Passive Income Podcast and King Mighty's Happy Podcast which have helped many listeners find their purpose, and maintain a laser focused and laser targeted life which is a key pre-requisite for success.

To achieve true freedom, you must be financial free. To be financially free, you must embrace the principles that govern money. The very same principles that others have used and made a fortune.

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