9 Reasons you should start an online business.

Starting an online business is one of the biggest opportunities you could ever have. I first heard about online business while I had just finished high school. I learned about so many ways I could start online, but I also had so many doubts which are the story for many of us, we always somehow want to change our lives, but we never really go out of our way to start doing something. We only hung onto the stories everyone is throwing around. We generally live a life based on other people’s fears. Never allow failures teach you about success.

Truth is unless you step out to actually test the systems for your self, you will keep living in fantasy, hoping for a better life ‘someday’. If you never try, you will never know you could do it.

Starting out online might be the easiest way you could start building your dream life. There are endless possibilities. If you’re reading this article today and are willing to take action, learn from every mistake, exercise some level of patience and keep yourself focused on the goal; you will definitely get there.

I will share a few reasons why you need to start an online business.

1. You can be your own boss

You have probably been at work and think things could have been done in a better way. Everyone doesn’t think the way you do which means there is a uniqueness you have, and that’s what the world is waiting for. This, however, MAY never be possible while working under someone else, because you are working under rules. Starting out online will give you the privilege of being your own boss. It will help you maximize your creative potential.

2. Extremely inexpensive

It will cost you next to nothing to start out online compared to an offline business where you need to rent premises ( most landlords will accept 4 months payments at the start ). You can even build your own website, there are as many resources available, so many step by step programs that can help.

3. Unlimited income potential

This is another strong one of the reasons you should start an online business. How far do you see? That is how far you will go. There are so many ways to profit from the internet. Examples include; Affiliate marketing – where you promote someone else’s products for a percentage profit, Starting your own online store- you could sell your custom made products or even drop-ship products to customers directly from the suppliers without ever seeing the products. Blogging is the other way to start earning online – all you do is create helpful information like you are reading in this blog post. You can start your own blog using my easy step by step guide.

4. Do something you are excited about

Starting an online business will give you the opportunity to do something you are passionate about. For example, if you love traveling you can profit from blogging about the exciting things in the places you have visited. Others will find that information helpful which will help you profit from the traffic visiting your website.

5. Spare time

You will definitely save time instead of journeying to your workplace every morning. Saving you time means it will save you the money. Daily fuel expenses could build you a good website! While I was working 9-5, I started off by using public transport to get to my workplace, even though it was not that far from my home, there were no direct public means to get there so I would have to get to the town Centre first. It took me about 3hrs every day just to get to work! I decided to buy a car; it would now take me only 30 mins to get to work, which was a big relief. When I started my online business, I didn’t have to leave home for work. You can see the amount of stress you will save yourself starting out online!

6. The world lives online

According to statistica, an estimated 4billion people are active users of the internet today. This means that you can actually meet them online and showcase your product. There are a lot of helpful online marketing tools to help you with this for example; Google AdSense, Facebook ads and so on.

7. Work from anywhere

You can work from home, work at the beach while on holiday, work anywhere in the world where you can have internet access. This cannot be possible if you are confined to a location or working for someone else as they will want to see you in office every day.

8. Reduce the expenses, earn more

While working online, a lot of expenses are reduced, expenses due to travel to work, child care expenses, and so on. As you reduce the expenses, the pressure to meet bills will be reduced and then you can focus on creating cash flow in your business.

9. No commuting. Saves you stress

Traveling to work is quite stressful in itself. The traffic, sometimes its very hot, sometimes trains are cancelled, I mean it comes with a lot of challenges. An online business will save you all the hustle.

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