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7 Reasons why you should start your own business

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Ever thought of starting your own business? If you did, I would also ask, have you ever thought of WHY you should start your own business? Most of us often think about starting our own businesses but that is where we stop at, we don’t go deep into asking other relevant questions like why we should actually start our own businesses.

If you are reading this article today, then, most probably, the thought to start your own business has crossed your mind at some point. It must be one of your deep burning desires that you have either noticed or not noticed at all. The law of attraction is now bringing you relevant content, just like those consistent with your line of thought. Yes, there is nothing like coincidence and I hope after reading this article; you will make up your mind to start that business you have long dreamt about.

Starting your own business is about providing a service or product for a profit. The problem most people have is that they shy away from the word MONEY. Most people are afraid to talk about money yet they go out on daily basis to work for the same. Money has proved to be offensive yet we walk with, buy with, work for and all our lives use the same.

In this post I am going to give you 10 reasons on why you should actually start your own business. Not for reasons of charity or something similar, but to actually make real, solid and legitimate money.

The money mystery

Don’t you ever wonder what money really is? It’s paper! Colored paper with value attached to it. Digital money on your account is just digits. Numbers assigned to your name. Just numbers! Think about it! So, how are some people able to have more of those numbers while others barely have any? This becomes a reason why you should start your business. All these answers will be opened up, one by one. You  will also realize that the more you chase after money, the less you will have and the more value you give, the more money (more than money but peace, grace, joy, fulfillment) you will have.

You will notice that money is a form of energy looking for an idea to get attached to. Which could also explain the reason why many people gain confidence upon receiving money. Money is an energy looking for value. All you have to do is make yourself valuable and lo’ money will show up, if you don’t quit. Having spoken about money …

Let’s look into the reasons why you should start your own business

1.Starting your own business helps you become more.

You will be able to bless the world, not by giving them money, but by blessing them with your version of entrepreneurship. This means blessing them with your ideas, your gifts, your charm, splendor and abilities. Everyone on earth was born unique, that is how amazing God is. We were all made super amazing and extra-ordinary. This means, there is something you can give to the world that probably the world has never seen. If others have seen it before, then most probably not from your perspective.

2.You will become

Someone said when you build a successful business, in the end what will matter will not be how much you made, but who you will have become. I have found this true and I can personally affirm to it. The daily challenges will bring out the best in you. Ever heard of the saying fire refines? Yes, there is a bit of fire in starting your own business, however, it’s always more scary whilst you are an observer. It becomes a piece of cake when you get to start putting in the real work. Just like all the problems in life, the more we cower from them, the more scared we are, but we become bolder when we actually face them.

3.Learn money and master it

Money can be a real problem! I will rephrase that; Money in the hands of bad character can be a very big problem. The reason is simple; money takes on the character of the owner! Just like I mentioned earlier, many people continue their whole life on a chase after money. One of the reasons why you should start your own business is that you will be able to master money and learn what it really is. Unfortunately, theory alone may never be enough for some people to learn about money.

4.True fulfilment

True fulfilment comes when you start your own business and actually make it work. Every result you attain will bring you unquantifiable joy and fulfilment. You will also notice that true fulfilment is not in having sums of money as many picture it. It is in giving your whole self to serving others or providing a service. (Starting your own business is one of the ways to serve)


You cannot neglect the fact that starting your own business comes with freedom. Since you are now your own boss, you will be able to set your working hours and even have more time with family. True freedom on one part (even though not completely) comes with financial freedom. The most complete form of freedom comes with self-discovery however; money will become the icing on the cake.

6.Break the poverty cycle

If you have seriously asked yourself why you should start your own business, then this could seriously be one good damn reason. Many of us were born in families where everyone was depending on an employer to look after loved ones. Take an example of a family where you can barely afford a weekend or even a holiday to have time to yourselves. Starting a business could be the solution to breaking this kind of cycle. Poverty is in the mind, it is not the luck of money. This means, you could be working all you want but without changing how you think about money, chances are you are till poor. Poverty is a sense of luck, dependency and all these kinds of things. This explains why many people in the undeveloped countries have almost nothing yet they are the happiest people on earth. They are as rich as they think they are. The poverty cycle can be broken through starting your own business.

7.Leave a legacy

What will you leave the future generation? What will you leave your children’s children? What will you be remembered for when you leave this world? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then, starting a business for yourself could be one of the answers. Someone said your life is a brand, build it. What is your brand? Poor brand, good brand, great brand? What do people say when they call your name?

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