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6 Tips on How to Set Goals and Achieve them

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Setting goals is very important. Knowing what your goals are in life will help you achieve a meaningful life. But knowing what you want isn’t enough. There has to be something that you must do.

These 6 steps will help you set goals right and ensure that you get exactly what you want.


Make a list of your goals

You have desires, dreams and powerful thoughts and they are not for nothing. These are your directions in life. They show you what you can do to add life and contribution to the universe.

The first step is to listen to yourself and make a list of these thoughts or things you really want to achieve or acquire.

You can simply do this on paper with a pen or pencil. Remember, the key thing here is; none of these is small so make sure you write everything down.


Choose the one you really want.

This is the second step and is really important. This is where you choose one single goal that you really think is most important. You can measure importance by for example; Looking at the one goal, which, if attained, could help you reach other goals too.

Remember not to throw away the list of other goals you wrote down, this will help you come back to them to check if you have reached them.


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Write down your why

Ever heard of this quote? 

“If you feel like quitting, remember why you started”.

This is where the why is important. If you don’t know why you must achieve this goal, then it is probably not as important. That is when you look at your list of written goals again and look for one that is probably more important to you.


Create a goal card

Your goal card should be one that has that single goal written on it, in brief, and in as few words as possible. The example is “I am earning £5,000/month by Nov 2021” This will be easy for you to glance at, a few times during your day. 

Remember to write your goal as if you have already achieved it. Your mind believes what you tell it, even if it is a lie. This will be one nice lie; right? 🙂

Your goal card should also have; the date you expect to reach this goal. In the above example, it is ‘by Nov 2021’ is the date I hope to reach this goal.

In addition, it should be a beautiful card that is good to look at. It should also be one you can keep in your wallet or jacket and be able to carry along everywhere you go.

Edit and Download your goal card here.


Read your goal card 

Make sure to read your goal card at least twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed. This will help your mind to get accustomed and then consider your goal as a priority. The mind works according to priorities. What you keep saying becomes a priority; good or bad, almost doesn’t matter.


Take Action

Act as if you have already reached the goal. As mentioned above, the mind works according to priorities. What you say over and over again becomes the number one consideration and that is what your mind will deliver to you.

Acting as if you have already reached the goal is one key thing that will help you get your mind to believe even faster. For example; Let’s us consider the case of the above goal; “I am earning £5,000/month by Nov 2021”

The kind of actions you would take can and will depend. One method is to imagine the things that you would be doing when you achieve this goal. One of them could be; ‘taking business class flights’, ‘going to spar once every month’ and many others. These are exactly what you will need to start doing.

Take the time to set your goal and you will be on your way to achieving greater things in your life.

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