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12 Daily habits of successful entrepreneurs.

Daily habits of successful entrepreneurs.

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In looking at the daily habits of successful entrepreneurs, i have a major peice of advice…

Never let a failure teach you how to succeed …. yes, you can ask them to teach you  about something else, but not success

All they will tell you are the core reasons they failed. They will also love to narrate and emphasize the different ways in which one could fail in life. Their vision is always so blurred, they cannot see opportunities, they are angry often. They will always refer to the successful people as dishonest and they always believe that one successful man or woman must have done some creepy things to get the money. That’s exactly why we do not learn from them. They will probably teach us a thing or two about something else but not success.

Some of the daily habits of successful entrepreneurs include; waking up early’ reading, laughing often, exercising, they ignore critics… and others as we will see in detail below.

By the way who is a failure?

Quite simple! A failure is someone who has completely given up and has lost all the hope of achievement.
Failure has got to do with your view of life. The fact that you might fail at one point in time doesn’t make you a failure. Pick up the lesson and move on. So it depends on how you process the results of your progress in life.
That’s exactly why we learn from successful people because they are full of life. They will tell you its possible, probably not in words but even through every step and achievement.

One of the best ways to learn from successful people is through reading books. This is one of the reasons why we read books. As an entrepreneur, you must make sure you read books.

You can take a look at my list of 40-must read books for entrepreneurs who want to be very successful.

Successful people have a lifestyle, they have a way of doing things and they have daily habits, which definitely count towards their progress in life. That’s why we emulate them, because success leaves clues and its not an accident.

Let’s dive into the daily habits of successful entrepreneurs.

1. They wake up early.

One of the habits successful entrepreneurs have is they wake up early.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”-Benjamin Franklin

There is just something about the early hours of the day. Waking up early gives you a head start in your day. The mind is very sharp at that time and productivity is very high. You will most probably accomplish a task in half the time it normally takes you to do it.
There are little distractions while the rest of the world is still sleeping which will give you time to focus and achieve more.
So what is early?
Again this depends on what time you sleep. It is very important to have enough sleep as it will help increase your levels of productivity. Best time to wake up is before 6 am. The hours of 4 am, 5 am are good times.

2. They exercise.

There is a misconception that successful people have the freedom to exercise whenever they want; however, this is not true especially for the exceptionally busy. With all the different variables at hand during a workweek it can be near to impossible to workout at the same time, or even in the same location each day. What is important, is not when or where they exercise, or even how long for that matter, but just that they do it. They exercise because exercise has proven to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain; making them smarter and more able to exist on the cutting edge of intelligence.

3. They get ready for the day. And keep the focus.

Successful entrepreneurs always plan and are always ready for their day. No matter how busy they are, they accept that to remain on track and avoid distractions, you will have to plan for your day. They prepare lists, goals, calls, meetings, calendars, what they’re going to eat, what time they are going to sleep, what clothes they will wear, travel itineraries, time for exercise, time for family and friends. This normally helps them to save time, to always be on time and at the end of the day, it helps to measure progress. Without planning your day, you will never know what targets you didn’t meet and what more you need to do. In other words, they are very organized.

4. They involve others and recognize the value of people.

Successful entrepreneurs know the value of others in terms of their own success. They always involve others. Recognize that success is achieved through embracing other people’s potential and not solo effort. They know their limits and value the need to involve others in the process. You can never know it all. There is always something helpful to learn from someone else. You cannot have all the answers and you don’t need to. All you need to do is to recognize the value of others in the process.

5. They take time for themselves.

Successful Entrepreneurs value time as the most important commodity. Some people think that the time they are supposed to have for themselves is not as important, but it is. Successful Entrepreneurs recognize the fact that they are the engine for the success they are after. If they never take that time off to treat or reward themselves, their potential may be crippled. The time for yourself may not be just merely a treat, but could also be time to read a book, time for self-evaluation and of course all the other personal development tasks that you could do.

6. They ignore the critics.

Successful entrepreneurs have likely lost more relationships than they have gained. This is because one of the greatest lessons you will learn is not being a people pleaser. If you always want to please people and mind what everyone has to say to you then forget about success. You will never be able to please everyone and you will always be frustrated. Successful Entrepreneurs know that as you go up the ladder, people will definitely see you differently and some in a bad way. They will talk and hate on you, sometimes for no reason. Normally, lower class people are very good at this, because they don’t realize the importance of others in the success journey. The best way is to ignore the critics and mind your own business. Successful Entrepreneurs always mind their own business while failures mind other people’s business.

7. They laugh often.

Any journey towards success will have challenges as a fundamental part of the process. Mistakes will be made, critics will talk, and all kinds of waves may rage. Successful Entrepreneurs recognize the importance of laughter. It helps you make balanced decisions rather than out of anger which will most probably be the wrong choices. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, avoid making important decisions while you are angry, excited or under compulsion or tension. According to the bible, laughter is medicine for the flesh, which means you will be able to solve some health problems if you keep out of anger and laugh often. In some researches, cancer has been associated to constant worry and anger.

8. They Read and Read a lot.

Once you stop learning you start dying – Albert Einstein

This is true and successful entrepreneurs realize the importance of constant learning.

  • It helps you to keep the focus.
  • Helps you to keep motivated.
  • You learn so much through reading.
  • Success leaves clues, so you will always know what others did to get to where they got.

Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year. Why would a man with an estimated $90 B net worth spend much time reading? Reading will show you so many things in a different light.

9. They are thankful.

They recognize the good things in their life and are regularly thankful for them. This is the attitude of gratitude. In Oprah Winfrey’s words

“What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.”

Again this clearly means that successful entrepreneurs always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. It’s not just about being positive, it’s much more than. It’s the attitude of choosing to focus on the good rather than what went wrong. Just like the description in the black dot story.

10. They’re Persistent.

If you want to join the list of successful entrepreneurs then you must know you should NEVER GIVE UP. We all know the greatest entrepreneurs have failed the most times, but they’ve gotten back up again and tried again. They didn’t give up! One of the most important things you must know about success is that;

Success is not measured at the end, but it’s in every stage and every step you take. You can be successful today… – Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

If you look at success in this kind of perspective then you know you can celebrate every stage, learning to turn the fails into lessons and move on. A lot of us are waiting for that day we will make a million dollars! Yes, that will be a big achievement but you must make up your mind to enjoy every step of the way, celebrating every victory and every achievement without becoming complacent. This is the attitude that helps you to keep the focus.

Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times inventing a commercially-viable electric lightbulb. Colonel Sanders from KFC was rejected 1,009 times before he found a restaurant that would accept his chicken franchise model. Howard Schultz of Starbucks was turned down by banks 242 times. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book was rejected by all 12 major publishers at the time.

11. They have a routine.

Having a routine helps you to keep working even when you have run out of motivation. During such moments of burn-out, many people tend to do much less which is very dangerous for an entrepreneur. There are other advantages to having a routine;

  • Helps us to focus on the most important tasks first.
  • Breaks procrastination.
  • Helps us to break bad habits by replacing them with good ones.
  • Reduces the time we take to plan.
  • Makes us more efficient.

12. They Take Action.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just stop at talking and visualizing, they do take action! Taking action makes the biggest difference in the people of the world today. Most people dream about the life they want, the business they want to build but never take out time to start doing which is what actually stands between them and their dreams. The difference between the poor, middle class and the rich is basically how much of what they know that they actually put to work. Most people are educated but never put their knowledge to work.

When you set out to start doing, you will learn lessons that will actually stay with you and you can apply them all your life. Also, it’s not a good idea to think too much before you start to take action. Some people will want to think and think however if you think too much you will, in the end, be demotivated. When you have an idea, carefully think about it, do good research and quickly take action.

I have added this point as the last one because as you read through all this list, all that will be left for you to do is to take action. Start to cultivate some of the habits that successful entrepreneurs have in common, they will help you get disciplined and stay on course. If you do nothing about it, nothing will change.


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