10 Indispensable attributes for top success

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You find yourself sitting on a couch, drinking a cup of coffee. 


You decided that you want to be successful at something.


You asked yourself this question:  Do I have the important qualities to make it to the top? 


No worries! That’s why you are here…to find the answer to that question.


Have a clear goal.

Without clarity of the future you want to create, you can achieve almost nothing!

According to Aristotle: “First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective”. 

 Never complain.

Complaining gives away your power to make changes in your own life.

Learn something new today.

The quality of your life is made up of things that you learned every hour, every day and eventually every month and every year and now so many years.

 Do physical exercise (sweat!!!).

“Motion creates emotion” This means ideas and other insights come when you get moving and active.

Start with a 15-minute walk daily and it will definitely help you attain more ideas.

Give away what you want more of.

Do you want more money? Give it, again and again. The same goes for everything; kindness, love, support and others.

Share your skills or your knowledge with others. 

Don’t be cheap.

Treat yourself and what you do as first-class, never be cheap. Being cheap is like cheating on yourself. If you believe you deserve better in life, then treat yourself like you do.

Simplify everything.

“The best and most important things in life are so simple” Simplify everything, because that’s one way to get and remain at the top

Don’t settle for good enough.

Always aim for the best. 

Don’t be busy.

Be effective and efficient. Remember the 80/20 rule? 80% of your results come from 20% of your input. Find that 20% and focus on it with all you got.

Take responsibility.

Become responsible for yourself, for your happiness and for everything about you. Complaining and giving the responsibility to other people takes away your power to make the necessary changes.


Always remember that there is no shortcut to success. 

You will always encounter humps along the way. But believe that you are definitely capable of becoming successful. You’ve already come this far by simply reading this post. Take note of those attributes and you will definitely reach success in whatever endeavours you have in life.

I believe that you will make it, just start… NOW!